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2017 Toyota Vios

2017 Toyota Vios

Despite the fact that most Toyota vehicles are very similar in what concerns the design, they can, surprisingly, attract many potential buyers.

One thing for sure is that the design quality, the advanced technology and the impressive power options really make a difference and keep Toyota on the top of the charts in almost every aspect. So, we won’t waste any more time and lets talk about the new 2017 Toyota Vios. Besides being updated and refined, it will give you everything you need in a vehicle.

2017 Toyota Vios Exterior


By looking at the 2017 Toyota Vios exterior design, you’ll see that manufacturers actually put some time and effort on what is pleasing to the eye. This incredible sedan will be like an aerodynamic bullet accompanied by a well rounded and polished fascia. The materials used for the construction are carbon fiber and aluminum, which will make the vehicle flexible and easy to manage and control.


The body lines are more emphasized, which will give the 2017 Toyota Vios a more serious and elegant appearance. The rear remains unchanged, while the front panel should display large LED lights, air vents similar to the mouth, and a thin grille looking like a boomerang.

2017 Toyota Vios Interior


The 2017 Toyota Vios cabin will also get better, but it will not be like something that you’ve never seen before. It includes all the necessary features a vehicle should have today and will be well equipped depending on the trim levels. However, they all contain air conditioning, audio system, navigation, internet access and keyless start.

In addition, the comfort is at a level high enough for five passengers. There will be a possibility to adjust the position of the seat and the front seats will also be heated. Although the 2017 Toyota Vios does not have a spacious cargo area, it is still able to provide the level of comfort required and use high-quality materials that allow you to forget about it.


The 2017 Toyota Vios manufacturers revealed that this model will only have one engine option. It will use the NZ-FE 1.5-liter engine that produces a 109 horsepower and a 141 lb-ft torque. This engine will allow the vehicle to accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than seven seconds and all that in combination with the seven-speed automatic transmission.

Release Date And Price

One thing that will surely make you want even more the 2017 Toyota Vios is the price. This car will range between $17,000 and up to $25,000 for the base model which is more than we expected.

The launch date for the new and improved 2017 Toyota Vios is scheduled for January 2017. However, and according to some rumors, it might be slightly delayed.

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Robert • December 21, 2016

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