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2017 Toyota Auris

2017 Toyota Auris

We have always been intrigued by the ability of Toyota manufacturers to launch such distinctive and innovative models of all segments of the market and even vehicles that have not yet brought drastic changes with great popularity and attractiveness. The answer to that question is a mystery to be revealed, but it could be at least partially revealed through the introduction of the new 2017 Toyota Auris. And here are some of the amazing characteristics that leave us all astonished.

2017 Toyota Auris Exterior

One of the most remarkable things about the new 2017 Toyota Auris will be its most incredible body structure with smooth body-lines, with low nose, and incredible aerodynamics.

2017 Toyota Auris Front

This sedan will make you look stylish enough, but not too pushy. Its appearance will be a bit more aggressive due to the addition of pointed xenon headlights and the V-shaped grille and trapezoidal ventilation system as the shutter bar. The 2017 Toyota Auris has very firm and confident contours. It will have many different colors to choose from and this will make it even more appealing.

2017 Toyota Auris Interior

The cabin of the new 2017 Toyota Auris is very similar to the cabin of the previous models, but with slight aesthetic changes. Leather, aluminum and soft plastic will be the powerful combination of materials that will be used to cover the interior surfaces and will be combined with high ambient lighting and possible wood or metal details.


Leather or fabric seats will be able to accommodate five passengers with ease and a high level of comfort. The 2017 Toyota Auris includes different security features that will allow the passengers to feel safe and protected while traveling. The dashboard will be organized, modern and highly equipped. Technological devices make the connection to the Internet, the new audio system with high-definition speakers, 4.2-inch TFT multi-information, satellite navigation, air conditioning, remote access and cruise control.



The new 2017 Toyota Auris is incredibly well-thought. With the new design and engine, you will be able not only to enjoy from an improved performance as well as it will decrease the fuel consumption at the same time. The 2017 Toyota Auris will be an eco-friendly model to be powered with a special hybrid engine which will have extremely low CO2 emissions. It will be a combination of a 1.6-D-4D and a 1.4 D-4D with a battery capable of developing 90 HP which is quite amazing.

Release Date and Price

We are sure that you just can’t wait to see the new 2017 Toyota Auris. However, you still need to wait some months. Despite there’s no confirmation yet, rumors suggest that we might be able to see the launch of this amazing model to happen during the summer 2017. In what concerns to the price, this is something that you’ll really like. The initial price of the 2017 Toyota Auris should be around $20K, which is very affordable.

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Robert • December 21, 2016

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