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2016 Toyota Venza

2016 Toyota Venza

2016 Toyota Venza

The news of the release of a new Toyota Venza has swept the nation. When learned that the Venza is going to get an update for its 2016 model year, many fans immediately started trying everything to find out about the performance, specks, release date and price of the vehicle and the hype started raging immediately. Luckily we have it all right here in this review to help you get the perspective about what the car is all about.

It is going to be a stylish SUV vehicle with many updates, both inside and out and with some enhanced performance features as well. The new propulsion engine that the car is going to be fitted with and some other technology updates and upgrades that were also added to the mix are the most anticipated goodies for the car. It is going to be based on the previous version of the Venza, but it is going to differ a lot from it mostly based on the added design features.

The car debut some years ago in 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show and immediately was a hit among the people who needed fast access to tougher terrains. The newest 2016 model continues on this premise, but builds up upon it as well. You may see the pictures and find out about the design of the car but you will have to read on the review to find out about the specs and the performance of it.


2016 Toyota Venza exterior

2016 Toyota Venza

The greatest difference in the design of the Toyota Venza is that it is not as sporty as it was before. Toyota has decided to add a little bit sleekness to the car and gotten rid of the sporty swift curves and exchanged it with some straight lines and sharp edges on car and gain a lot more masculinity for the car that way. Among the added features is the addition of a panoramic roof whereas the both re rear and taillights have gone through some changes as well.

What the manufacturers in Toyota were hoping to achieve was to add some more aggressiveness to the car but not too much. They wanted to keep the stylistic features in check and make the care much more appealing and actually mature that way. The sporty feel was a little bit pre-pubescent while the new one shows the car as being all grown up and that is just what the new Venza deserves to look like.



2016 Toyota Venza

The update of the inside includes much more space and comfort. The new 2016 Venza is going to have ample space inside and it is going to be more than appropriate for families to use. Besides the added spacing there is also the addition of novel materials that are a part of the offer as well. The people from Toyota have decided not to meddle with the previous design much more and thus decided to use it and only build up upon it. This includes some comfort upgrades and some new features that the car now has.

But there are actually a lot more goodies that the Toyota Venza has inside. As the technological upgrade was something that fans expected it is something that they certainly got. GPS navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, modern stereo speakers, cruise control, a wide screen interface is just some of the equipment that has been stuffed inside the car. Something for the youngest passengers at the back is a video display for watching cartons or shows and even a video game system to keep them entertained for longer trips.



The Toyota Venza will have two engine options for the 2016 model year. The base or the standard option will be the 2.7-liters, 4-cylinders engine that is paired with 6-speed, automatic gear box system and is able to develop 181hp and 246Nm of torque as well. There is the second option as well which includes using the 3.5-liter V6 engine option with a 6 speed automatic transmission and with capabilities of developing 268hp and 333Nm of torque.

Release date and price

The release date is not officially been announced yet. The Toyota Venza is expected actually to come out somewhere at the end of the year, if not we surely expect it to be released at the beginning of 2016 the latest. The price is actually a more known fact as the base model of the Venza will be priced at $35,000. But if you want a little bit more power and some additional features inside your car you will have to spend a total of $60,000 for the highest trim and the full package.



2016 Toyota Venza

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