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2016 Toyota Matrix

2016 Toyota Matrix

Take a look at the review about the 2016 Toyota Matrix which still represents one of the more reliable and well balanced cars from Toyota even now. The hunchback which has been released as a 2016 has been largely based on its previous model. But in this case the care has taken a large step forward which has not been anticipated when the car was released.

2016 Toyota Matrix rear

As you can see from the pictures of the 2016 Toyota Matrix, there hasn’t been that many tampering with the look of the car, both inside and out, compared with the 2015 model. This car is pretty modest in its features and represents one of the more reliable cars that Toyota has ever built. It poses a great feat of engineering and car manufacturing that has ever been put together.

The first model of the Toyota Matrix has been launched in 2003 as a Corolla. It was made as an exciting new vehicle which has been predominantly aimed at younger audiences and it was rightly so. From then, the changes of the Matrix have included resizing and reshaping and its final result is the 2016 model which we can see before us now.

2016 Toyota Matrix steering wheel

2016 Toyota Matrix Exterior

Aesthetically speaking, the 2016 Toyota Matrix remains one beautiful car. Its ultimate use when it has been developed, being aimed at a more younger crowd, is still something that follows its features. But do not expect that the 2016 Matrix be your basic transportation vehicle which will only carry you from point A to B.

The most basic changes of the vehicle have been seen in the front part and at the back part as well. The 2016 now has a revised grille which immediately gives the car a far interesting look, also the bumper fascia has been changed and an air dam has been included. Also the car has a distinguishing lighting front and rear part which makes this car electrifying to ride in and enjoy.

Compared to the older model, this one has certainly picked up the pieces where the previous ones have stated, and remains till today one of the best built Matrix models still. We also need to mention that now the Matrix comes with different tire sizes with 205/55 R16, being the smallest and 225/30 R20 the largest tire size.

2016 Toyota Matrix front side

2016 Toyota Matrix Interior

Essentially, the base of 2016 Toyota Matrix cabin has remained unchanged. But it has been somewhat spruced up and modernized. Now the car includes some very interesting and new features which the previous models have been missing and have yearned for.

What the 2016 Matrix now has is interior space. When we fold up the back seats it gives us an extra cargo load that will certainly be appreciated. Yet being that the back seats are very comfortable and useful for larger or longer travels, we have to agree that the front seats are not very good when it comes to long trips. They come somewhat uncomfortable and will not be very useful if you decide to take this car on the road.

2016 Toyota Matrix instrument

Yet the technological upgrades are more than astounding, even for the base model. Now it features power windows and mirrors as well. Cruise control is there to enhance the safety of the car while air conditioning will enable larger comfort of the vehicle. Other trims will features some more upgrades like keyless entry or a much better sound system, but people who want to spend more will certainly have a chance to enjoy all of these features.

2016 Toyota Matrix seats

2016 Toyota Matrix rear seats

2016 Toyota Matrix Engine

As for the engine for the 2016 Toyota Matrix, there are only two trims available, which are going to be featured in the base model and the S model. The base model has a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine which can achieve a power of 132-horsepower. On the other hand the S model is fitted with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine which can achieve a power of 158-hp.

As for the transmission system, both varieties of the engine are going to use a five-speed manual transmission system but the automatic four speed one is only going to be available for the 1.8 liter or the base one,

Fuel economy is also pretty interesting and measures up to 26 mpg city or 32 highway, for the base model of course.

2016 Toyota Matrix engine

2016 Toyota Matrix Price, Release Date

We expect new Toyota Matrix to be released in the mid of 2016. The price is also one of its prized characteristics. People who wish to own the 2016 Toyota Matrix will have to pay a sum of $18,800, which is pretty affordable if we take a look some of its contenders now.



2016 Toyota Matrix PriceengineRelease Date

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