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2016 Lexus GS

2016 Lexus GS

2016 Lexus GS

The newest addition coming out of the Lexus automaker garage is the 2016 Lexus GS car. This vehicle was formally known as the Toyota Aristo back in Japan, when it was initially released back in 2005. Later they switched to the Lexus brand and started developing their own vehicles. The result of this is a luxurious midsize sedan vehicle that comes back to us for yet another model year and brings along some design upgrades and new features as well.

Actually the vehicle’s first model came out back in 1991 when it was highly influenced by Italdesign Giugiaro drawings dating back from 1988. Unlike most of the Japanese sedan vehicle’s at the moment, this one particularly had noticeable European influences in its setup. Within the Lexus range people set this vehicle between level IS and flagship LS luxury sedan. The new vehicle was showcased at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show where we were able to get a first glance at the vehicle, yet without a firmly fixed release date. It was also the only 500 horsepower F version vehicle at the show at the unveiling.

Our review will help you get a glimpse what the car is actually about and how it may suit you if you decide to buy it. A study of the price is also offered and some prime photos and pictures of both the inside and outside are given to go along with it. Study the specs and stats of the vehicle and if you are a fan of the Lexus brand you will certainly like the new GS car.


2016 Lexus GS exterior

2016 Lexus GS

On the outside the Lexus GS and the Lexus GS F look fairly similar, except the added F for those trims is really there for ‘finesse’. Generally speaking the GS is not for people who are feeling shy, it breads confidence by producing a bold look. It is a luxury performance sedan that deals out everything by showing its looks immediately. Not to flashy but not too down to earth as well, which is just the perfect combination on how the car really needs to look.

The styling is a bit edgy and sports like, although the F version and the Sports trim are even beefed up than this one, it includes some highly defined shapes and features proving it with the contemporary and aggressive look. New more distinctive headlights were added with LED technology taillights as well. Something that people will be happy to know is that the newest Lexus GS will drive on the new 18 inch alloy wheels while the old dull silver, black and white look is out and in are the various color options that the car receives for the this year.



2016 Lexus GS

The edgy look is left for the outside only as the inside is perceived as a more luxury sedan and is meant to provide heaps of comfort. The entire inside of the car is meant to provide high levels of comfort and leave the passengers as well as the drier feeling rested and comfy while driving in the car. The instrument panel looks much more attractive and better than before and includes analog Optitron gauges combined with a color Multi-Information Display. Add to that a 8- or 12.3-inch color high-resolution central-control screen operating at 2nd-generation Remote Touch Interface control function and you get also a technologically enhanced car as well.

An interesting feature is the ornamentation LED ambient lighting integrated into the doors and the RTI surround area. It actually provides the people inside with a very nice and pleasant atmosphere like that and leaves feeling even more relaxed. A very nice touch on the inside are the “Lexus”-stamped scuff plates that are matted on all doorsills to contrast stitching found on the instrument panel, the shift boot and the door panels as well.



This time we get to have three engine options for the Lexus GS vehicle. The base option is the 3.5-liter V6 engine and will be found under the hood of the Lexus GS 350 models. It will enable the vehicle to produce and outstanding 310 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. The 450h will come fitted with the same kind of an engine but will combine the powertrain with an electric engine as well. The combined power of both engines will be enough to reach 340 total horsepower and is predicated to have really nice fuel economy stats that measure around 30 mpg.


Price and release date

The release date has been set to somewhere late this year and is when you will expect for the 2016 Lexus GS to hit dealerships. The unveiling of the car has already been done at the Detroit Auto Show this year so the fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the official release date after seeing it. The price is expected not to changes very much from the previous year and the base model will be somewhere around$48,000, while the highest trim or actually the hybrid version of the car will be around $60,000.



2016 Lexus GS

VAforToyota • August 13, 2015

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