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2016 Lexus CT hybrid

2016 Lexus CT hybrid

2016 Lexus CT hybrid

The 2016 Lexus CT hybrid is an exclusive luxury vehicle which is powered by a combination of a gasoline and hybrid engines, or rather hybrid technology as we are used to calling it. It is going to be an entirely new car and not just a mere facelift to the brand which made its debut in 2011. This is a continuation where the previous model left off as the 2016 CT upgrades everything in style and greatly enhances the comfort levels the car is going to be released with.

It is essentially a Prius substitute, but with much more comfort and luxury added to it and this time it gets even more from that. The people wanted a more luxurious package and the new update provides you with just that. This one is going to be a completely new car but it will use a Toyota’s modular platform to start its design.

Besides the comfort levels, the car will also receive other updates in performance as well. The car will have better specs, both in comparison with the Prius and the last years CT, it will feature much better fuel economy ratings and also be priced lower than before. You can see from the pictures that are provided that the car has truly stellar design as the new CT hybrid from Lexus promises to take the hybrid industry to a whole new level.


2016 Lexus CT hybrid exterior

2016 Lexus CT hybrid

The design of the exterior has been made to represent a typical hatchback four door vehicle. The basis for the design uses the platform provided by Corolla, but it does not look that much similar actually, it also does not have many major changes compared to the previous model of the Lexus CT. What the new design will do for the latest CT is solve some problems it had with visibility when driving. In the old models the back pillars truly have limited the capacity of being able to see at the small window by looking through the back of it. The problem has actually been very simply addressed with the use of back view cameras that can now help with parking and enable you to see much better when moving backward.

The front part will look slightly different as the grille will be reshaped. Now it will be a bit toned down than before but nevertheless a completely new look for the car that won’t go unnoticed. The headlights will be changed and redesigned and will also be a bit toned down the same as the grill but will be upgraded with the addition of the all new LED technology. The older model used Xenon technology, but the 2016 one will use pure LED new technology to its design.



2016 Lexus CT hybrid

The interior was greatly changed with the last year model, thus the 2016 Lexus CT hybrid will not change so much in appearance but will only enhance some useful additions and technology items for its new car. The previous update of the interior happened too close and it was already a good one as many people agree with so there was no need in updating it too much and changing a lot about the design of the CT. Yet some minor glitches were addressed and very few design details were updated. The greatest problem, on the other hand, still remains and that is the cargo space which is not that great and represents the sole issue that we have with the CT hybrid car. This is certainly something that will need to be changed for the future models.

But the technology now has some new and contemporary additions to its design. First of all, the dashboard has gone through some changes, but mostly to welcome the incorporation of the newest tech gadgets. There will be a double zone programmed atmosphere control,, voyage control, Bluetooth and iPod integration, a new infotainment system, and a also an app ecosystem. All of this makes the newest CT hybrid one of the more technologically sound cars in the market.



Of course the Lexus CT hybrid will have its own combination of a fuel motor and an electric engine to boost the performance. A 1,8 L been Inline-4 petrol motor that can produce 90 hp, or 5,200 rpm and 105 lb-ft of torque is paired with a electric engine that makes 134 drive and 153 lb-ft of torque. The power will come from a pair of 1.3 kWh nickel-metal batteries and it will be matched with a 1.3 kWh nickel-metal batteries system. The car will be able to reach its top speed which comes down to 115 mph. The fuel economy will be enhanced as it will be better than the current Prius with an estimated EPA rating of 42 mpg.


Price and release date

The release date is still a mystery to most so this review will have to do without it for now, but the update upon that will come relatively soon. For the time being you can contemplate whether you are ready to buy it as the price tag is set at a base price of 32,000 USD.



2016 Lexus CT hybrid

VAforToyota • August 25, 2015

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