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2015 Toyota Rukus front

2015 Toyota Rukus

Rumors about the new 2015 Toyota Rukus Concept are spreading fast and it has become more apparent that the vehicle is going to appear soon.

Toyota has done its nest to conceal all the details about it, but fortunately for us there were a lot of leaks and many info about the car is already available to us.

But let us not celebrate to fast as although the car has been in a manner confirmed we are still far away from the official release date and the unveiling of the price as well.

What we have managed to find out from the data that is currently available to us is that the 2015 Toyota Rukus Concept is certainly happening and that based on the previous experience, Toyota is going to carry much of the design details from the previous model. But there are going to be a lot of updates that the car is going to feature and have.

Overall speaking, the vehicle is going to be far efficient and have better performance than the previous car. Take a look at the pictures as well that have leaked and that we have been able to provide to you as a preview of the new 2015 Toyota Rukus Concept potential look.

2010 Toyota Rukus

2010 Toyota Rukus

2015 Toyota Rukus Concept exterior

The exterior design of the 2015 Toyota Rukus Concept is certainly going to be updated for the newer version, but the question remains to which extent.

There have been rumors that the concept vehicle is going to receive an array of quality features that will give the vehicle more appeal. But this was not yet confirmed so we may still regard it as a rumor.

2015 Toyota Rukus rear

On the other hand the car is going to receive an update for the materials it is made from. The new quality materials will enable better drivability and control of the car, making lighter and maneuverable.

There are also going to be some additional components which are going to be added in order to boost the performance of the car within different weather conditions.

Another feature that was confirmed and one which is perhaps the most interesting one is that the 2015 Toyota Rukus Concept is going to have customizable wheels. This is something perhaps new to this brand and a dark horse addition which the Rukus will receive. Fans are certainly going to be excited about this one.

2015 Toyota Rukus front side


The interior of the 2015 Toyota Rukus Concept was updated to extreme. The characteristics of the vehicle’s inside come to it being much more comfortable, luxurious and spacious.

The extra legroom and headroom enable for a much better and comfortable ride for the passengers. The premium leather materials only add to the already present comfort. The use of stylish materials which also look good is great for the vehicle as it makes both of the two worlds or usages of the materials as it is pleasant to drive in but to look at as well.

2015 Toyota Rukus interior

The dashboard has been remodeled and received additional entertainment feature. there is going to be an updated entertainment system with all new modern features, the newest navigation system and settings and drive assist system as well. Bluetooth connectivity is also available and comes as a standard feature for the newest Rukus concept.

2015 Toyota Rukus inside

2015 Toyota Rukus cargo space


This is where we hit a wall so to say as there are not reliable information about the engine for the 2015 Toyota Rukus Concept. Toyota has only managed to conceal the details about the engine as we have yet to find a reliable source that confirms the actual engine which is going to be used for this concept.

But the thing that we do now is that a very powerful option is in the mix, so expect the Rukus to have a strong engine with much power. Additionally, fuel economy was promised to be enhanced and made better. So besides a strong car this is going to be one efficient vehicle as well.

This will also need a perfect gearbox system as well, so we will just have to wait and see which combination Toyota is going to choose for this vehicle.

2015 Toyota Rukus engine

Price and release date

The release date if far from being set as we are mainly going on assumptions and the scarce details that we have managed to find about the car. The release date of the 2015 Toyota Rukus Concept will certainly be made available after all the previous details have been confirmed so expect the date to be released the last.

As the price there is no confirmation about it as well but our best guess is that it is going to be somewhere around $31,790 , based on the previous models and the potential additions for the new one.



Robert • May 13, 2015

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