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2015 Toyota highlander Vs. 2015 Honda Pilot

When people are dealing with a car product then it becomes a necessary precaution to make sure that only the best product fits your preferences and individual needs. There are quite a number of car producers who have well established themselves to offer nothing but the best like Honda and Toyota.

Their existence as superb car manufacturers should not go unnoticed. They have proved themselves over and over again that they can give top notch vehicles to their customers. In 2015 both car manufacturers will release newly designed vehicles from their stables.

Honda will release the Pilot while Toyota will release their Highlander truck. These two trucks will prove difficult to prove since they compare almost the same in terms of strength and general look.

2015 Toyota highlander Vs. 2015 Honda Pilot engines

There is a lot of confusion hovering around 2015 Toyota highlander Vs. 2015 Honda Pilot comparison. There is scanty information pertaining to the 2015 Toyota Highlander which leaves a lot to speculation.

Rumors surrounding the Highlander allege that customers will have a choice of two engines to choose from, that is, a 2.7 L 4-cylinder or a 3.5 L V-6 while the transmission will be a 6 speed automatic. The Honda uses a 5 L V-6 engine system which is way much stronger than that of the Highlander.


The 2015 Highlander is both powerful and athletic with more horsepower than the Pilot. The 2015 Toyota Highlander has more horsepower as compared to the Pilot offers more towing capacity while the fuel efficiency is kept at optimal.


2015 Toyota highlander Vs. 2015 Honda Pilot interior and exterior


In terms of the physical appearance of both the Pilot and the Highlander there are interesting aspects to be talked about. The Honda will receive refreshing looks compared to its predecessors, it is more spacious and much comfortable thanks to its interior dimensions.
The 2015 Toyota Highlander will offer standard LED Daytime Running Lights, standard projector beam halogen smoked chrome headlights. These standard features are on every trim level and these features are unfortunately not offered by the 2015 Honda Pilot.


2015 Toyota highlander Vs. 2015 Honda Pilot Conclusion

Both the truck articulate their strengths and weaknesses but there must be a stronger one than the other in one aspect or the other. If you are looking for power then the 2015 Honda Pilot is your correct bet since it has a much stronger engine. It uses a 5.0 L V-6 engine which is capable of producing 310 HP and 265 lb-ft of torque.

The 2015 Toyota Highlander comes with more features as compared to the Pilot; has impressive available and upscale technology including integrated apps and RadioTM. There are a variety of cabin amenities including ventilated front seats and driver easy speak standard on the limited models and the XLE.

In terms of safety, the Highlander also comes with eight standard airbags while pilot has six. In addition, it also offers unmatched features compared to pilot including standard blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert system.

In case you are choosing between the two then the 2015 Toyota Highlander should be your focus. I am a little biased but the truth should not be concealed either. The best way you’d do this is by scheduling a test drive for yourself.



Robert • July 22, 2015

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