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2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid

2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid Specs

Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show this year, the 2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybrid was certainly as tar of the show and stole the spark light from some other prominent vehicles which were introduced there. As one of Toyota’s many green cars so is the 2015 Toyota Auris represented as one which is safe for the human environment and as such has already gained much popularity. The car has certainly been upgraded and the specs of the new vehicle confirm this premise. The 2015 Toyota Auris was first introduced as a five-door model and has been expanded into a wagon and later labeled as Touring Sports. The supporters of this car are thirled with the latest innovations introduced with the car and agree that this is one of the best cars in its class, with only a slightly higher price as its downside. The car is firstly manufactured exclusively for Europe and is being assembled in the UK facilities of Toyota.


2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid Price

As for the pricing is concerned, many think that it is a tad more expensive that people have awaited it to be. This may cause some problems and may cause the vehicle to reduce its popularity but the performances of the vehicle are such that Toyota thinks that it won’t matter. In order to get the new 2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybrid you will need to pay some €18.000, because it is being made exclusively for Europe, while the price in dollars is some $23.000.

2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid rear side

2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid Engine

As for the performance of the car under the hood is concerned, the overall assessment is that the car has been made more powerful. And with good reason, because when widening the car there needs to be something which powerful enough to pull that load together. The 2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybrid has a certainly a stronger and more efficient engine, and by combining it with the fact that the hybrid is a environmentally safe car you immediately know what you are buying. The car which does not cause air pollution nor noise pollution with its smooth sounding and purring engine. The gasoline powered engine is a1.8 liter engine with 136 hp, while the electric part is powered by lithium-ion batteries which can last longer and are conveniently located under the back seats.

2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid engine

2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybrid exterior

The redesigned exterior of the car is what makes the new2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybrid. The makers have concluded that the earlier model needed a bit more room inside and have decided to widen the car a bit. Opposite the previous model the 2015 Toyota Auris is 30 mm longer and is also 55 mm lower.

2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid front grill

You are probably thinking that because of this the car is heavier and interferes with its maneuvering. Well actually the new model was shaped with and built out of lighter materials which have made the car weigh 45 kg less than the older model. The exterior design of the Auis now allows you more movability and better and easier driving. You will be able to enjoy a much smoother and a greatly enjoyable ride which was not the case a year ago.

2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid rear light

2015 Auris Touring Sports Hybrid Interior

The interior reflects on the exterior. As the 2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybrid was made to be bigger and longer on the outside, so have the inside measurements changed. The larger interior allows for much more room of the passengers and especially those at the back. There are 22 mm more space that it was with the older car.

2015 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid interior

You can enjoy a much comfortable ride and be able to store the people inside much conveniently than before. Also the cargo space is much larger and accounts being used to carry a busty load now. The other parts of the carbine have not been significantly enhanced. The design remains more or less the same, which some people view as a setback for this model. But nevertheless, the comfort is the main initiative for this model which has certainly been met and because of that who needs a better inside look if you feel great in it all the same.




Robert • June 28, 2014

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