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2015 Lexus RC

2015 Lexus RC

2015 Lexus RC

The development of the new 2015 Lexus RC vehicle has led to the creation of one of the most beautiful looking and best design Lexus vehicles in the lineup. A car which now takes a more racier direction and a path of sensibility has all the makings to be one of the better acclaimed cars of the year. With very nice looks and off the charts performance the RC coupe has grown up quite nicely.

The RC is the first coupe vehicle from Lexus since the departure of SC model. It takes the designs of the GS and IS sedans and combines them together to get a very beautiful look for the newest car. It does not only look contemporary but fast as well, gaining a much sportier look than before. Just check out the provide pictures of the 2015 RC car here and you will see what we mean.

The Lexus RC aims to fight off the remaining two-door competition like the BMW, Audi and Mercedes coupes from the same branch and looks like a top notch contender. This is the closest the Lexus has gotten to a contender in this kind of market now and provides its two-door coupe much chances of being a part of the big boys. The Lexus RC is a car to look out for and see so see its specs, price and release date in the following passages.


2015 Lexus RC exterior

2015 Lexus RC

The 2015 RC’s exterior takes a little bit of something from the GS and the IS sedan. It is longer than the IS but shorter than the GS, actually it has a shorter wheelbase from both of the models. Although it has more relatable features to the IS it has more sex appeal and confidence in its design which looks great. The Lexus spindle grill at the front gains a more sinister look when matted in the RC. In whole, it is sleeker and graceful in design by gaining more curvaceous features than before. The roofline is thick while it also has a delicate uptick to the shoulder line and the rear fenders.

Coming out just after the base RC model there is also an RC F model from Lexus. A car with an F badge on it that provides sportier looks and more power will look much similar to the base but with some key features changed. As the base model proudly carries the hourglass spindle grille at the front, the F version is going to have a woven mashed grille that might go better with the F version than the base one. Either way both of the designs are great as the people from Lexus have truly gone out of their way to make a fabulous exterior like the 2015 Lexus RC one.



2015 Lexus RC

The design of the cockpit has been made to have an operational and display zones. It is actually very useful when you look at it from a driver’s perspective. In the upper zone you will find the instrument panel with a seven inch navigation screen included. In the layered center console there is an integrated touchpad-driven Remote Touch interface. In the middle of all of that you will see the newly designed elliptically shaped wheel.

The new materials work well with the high-backed seats which have also been given a new and more elaborate stitching. The inside is actually ruled by a horizontal theme that is viewed and the majority of parts and is a great design that fits the exterior quite nicely. The new inside of the RC is more than nice and comfortable and much more useful compared to the other Lexus vehicles.



When it comes to the engine of the vehicle, there are two choices that come into play. You may choose between the RC 350 six-cylinder coupe version or the V-8-powered RC F. Although the base option can make 306 horsepower it is an engine that makes a lot of noise but does not really provide that much as it is expected. It will be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission system and will have some adaptive controls for the transmission as well. On the other hand the second engine choice is a much hotter and a much stronger choice. The car will have the power to grapple with some big names on the market with the capability of reaching 467 horsepower, and the possibility of reaching 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The Lexus RC is a bit heavier and has a 100 extra pounds over, but it easily helps the car achieve the top speed of 170 mph.


Price and release engine

The release date is set for the next year when the Lexus RC will appear on the market and will be available for purchase. The base price will be $43,175 for the base version, while the RC F trim is available at $63,325 , but if you want the entirely updated version you will pay the price of $70,000.



2015 Lexus RC

VAforToyota • August 13, 2015

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