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2014 Toyota Aygo

2014 Toyota Aygo Release Date and Price

Category of small city cars is an interesting one, because of the totally different approach than in other categories. Bold designs, up-tempo feeling, swift steering designed for narrow streets and traffic jams, but still able to cater to those who like to visit the countryside from time to time. One of the strongest points of…

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2015 Toyota Innova

2015 Toyota Innova Release Date

According to newest rumours, we will definitely see the most updated version of one of their models – 2015 Toyota Innova. This popular MPV has been spotted recently while undergoing tests in India and Thailand and this provided us with some spy shots that sparked interest in finding out more about this newest addition. Relying…

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2016 Toyota RAV4 Electric

2016 Toyota RAV4 Electric Is not Cancelled

The question which is sweeping the net is about the continuance of Toyota releasing the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Electric model. As current information state the 2016 version is in affect and fans will eagerly be expecting the release of this vehicle. The question arose due to certain laws regarding the use of electric vehicles in…

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2014 Toyota Camry Se front

2014 Toyota Camry Se Specs and Prices

When it comes to the 2014 Toyota Camry SE, it is noticeable that we’re talking about a midsize sedan which isn’t all too glamorous but effectively brings all the most demanded features that people looking into this category of cars demand. Some of them being a strong yet economical drivetrain, comfortable interior, reliability and low…

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2014 Lexus LS600h

2014 Lexus LS600h Price and Release

When it comes to the newest addition to the Lexus family, 2014 Lexus LS600h, many interesting things can be pointed out. As a difference from the previous models, usually described as conservative and inconspicuous in terms of styling, this new model aims to crush some stereotypes and we will provide you with information about its…

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Toyota Starlet 2014

Toyota Starlet Price For 2015

Toyota has been producing steadily its brand over the years and has proved itself as one of the top sellers on the market. What is the characteristics of Toyota cars is reliability and good performance which is enough for any average person to choose this type opposed to the others. With a recent addition to…

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2015 Toyota C-HR

2015 Toyota C-HR Concept

One of the feature surprises of the Paris Motor Show has certainly been the 2015 Toyota C-HR concept. It is actually a crossover car which not many people have expected to appear. Leaning toward a more green production line, Toyota has decided to go with a crossover hybrid which will certainly bring many fans of…

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2015 Toyota Sienna

2015 Toyota Sienna Price and Release Date

An interesting legacy coming from Toyota factories is definitely the newest 2015 Toyota Sienna, a continuation of the original 1998 model which inherited this place in Toyota family from the mid-engine minivan called Previa. Second generation of Sienna came in 2004 and the third generation in 2011. Now, after a fairly long waiting time, we…

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2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV front grill

2015 Toyota Fortuner SUV Specs and Price

Toyota has announced the newest addition to its product line, the 2015 Toyota Fortuner so we have hurried up to gather relevant information about this latest novelty. As a car which is a market-specific product, which is why perhaps some people won’t recognize this model name right away, it is built on the platform of…

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